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Loss-App launched during mini-symposium

The death of a baby during pregnancy or around birth is an intensely sad event. To support parents, we are introducing the Loss App today during the PATH symposium together with Steunpunt Nova. The app supports parents who lost their baby with information, exercises and peer support. ‘The app helped me daily to give myself care’ , says Nina Schipper after the loss of daughter Madelief.

Information, exercises and contact with people who share a similar experience

“Every year, about 15% of pregnancies end in miscarriage,” said Robbert Oppenbraaij, a gynecologist and fertility specialist at Maasstad Hospital. The loss of a baby through miscarriage, termination of pregnancy around the time of birth or shortly thereafter has a huge impact on parents. Many of the family, and future, dreams are suddenly changed as a result.

Because parents face so much, the app provides information on coping with loss and saying goodbye. You will also find information about examinations, birth and physical recovery and exercises to learn to cope with the loss. In this way, you can strengthen yourself. A special feature of the Loss-App is the possibility to search for other parents with similar experiences. You can search for peers using different search criteria. In this way, you can share experiences, support each other, and strengthen each other. Nina Schipper tells “After long consideration, we decided to terminate the pregnancy followed due to medical and personal reasons. The Loss-App helps me to check in with myself every day, to stop and think about how I’m really doing, and whether I’m outrunning myself. It gives me the chance to look at negative thoughts in a more positive light or to get rid of them using the ‘I have to get rid of this’ function. That helped me to get things of my chest and not keep them to myself, literally and figuratively.”

Launch during symposium on Preparing for Parenthood

Today, the Loss App was officially launched during a mini-symposium on preparing for parenhood. Jacobien Wagemaker (PATH) explains why the Loss App fits well into the path of Preparing for Parenting.

Jacobien Wagemaker of PATH

Ruth van den IJssel, president of Steunpunt Nova, then recited a beautiful poem that is about love, loss and resilience. The launch was energized by a specially written song by Niña van Dijk after which she officially introduced the Loss-App by lighting a candle.

Niña van Dijk sings the song “Between the Stars”


The Loss-App was developed together with Maasstad Hospital and Steunpunt Nova, the national support centre for parents who lose their baby.

Synappz Mother & Child

The Loss app is also based on Clinicards technology and part of our digital portfolio for Mother & Child. In addition to Loss, ZwApp+ (pregnancy) and NeoZorg (neonatology) are already available. Soon, Childwish and Aftercare will also be available.

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